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Published on NASW.org:

From code to cure: how AI is revolutionizing drug discovery
By Alex Dong, mentored and edited by Tom Abate

AI can fake entire scientific papers. What does this mean for scholarly publishing?
By Jenna Jakubisin, mentored and edited by Shaun Kirby

Emerging technology incorporates AI-modeling to identify heat tolerant corals with hope for bleaching reefs
By Hannah Kania, mentored and edited by Esther Landhuis

Published elsewhere:

Biodegradable Sensors Could Explore the Seas More Sustainably
By Lisa Aubry, mentored and edited by Katherine Kornei
American Geophysical Union / Eos

Cats Can Hide Their Pain — But Not from AI
By Leila Okahata, mentored and edited by Eric Bender
Scientific American

October 27, 2023