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Ancient DNA reveals a Bronze Age bias for male horses
By Jaime Chambers, mentored and edited by Michael Price

U.S. tick management programs have gaps in surveillance and control
By Luyi Cheng, mentored and edited by Shraddha Chakradhar

A perfect storm: 2020 has all the indicators for a year of major social upheaval
By Elyse DeFranco, mentored and edited by Laurel Hamers

Study shows gender roles and climate change may be a deadly combination
By Caitlin Faulds, mentored and edited by Jennifer Junghans

Pojoaque Pueblo and archaeologists break new ground by listening, not digging
By Annabelle Moore, mentored and edited by Jeffrey Mervis

Urban colleges can improve the health of nearby marginalized communities
By Deloris Penn, mentored and edited by Michael E. Newman

Environmental activists are vital to the health of our planet
By Alesandra Tejeda, mentored and edited by Rachel Alexander

Distributing a partner’s nudes without permission could be classified as a type of domestic violence, experts say
By Vanessa Vieites, mentored and edited by Tara Haelle

A Native Hawai’ian Scholar Takes on Mauna Kea’s Telescopes
By Zoë Wright, mentored and edited by Ashley Yeager

Sep. 15, 2020

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