Sneaky deep-sea camera captures footage of elusive giant squid

The clip provides more support that the animals actively hunt, rather than wait for prey to come to them. Read the story in Discover.

Rena Kingery is a student of the MA in Science Writing program at Johns Hopkins University. She is a freelance fact checker for Discover magazine and a contributor to the Oceanbites blog, which publishes summaries of the latest research in marine science. Read her work at or follow her on Twitter @renakingery.

This story was produced as part of NASW's David Perlman Summer Mentoring Program, which was launched in 2020 by our Education Committee. Kingery was mentored by Julia Rosen.

Rena Kingery

Julia Rosen

Main image: The three species of large deep-sea squids observed using the unobtrusive camera. Left: Unidentified species, probably Promachoteuthis sloani. Top right: Pink scaled squid (Pholidoteuthis adami). Bottom right: Giant squid (Architeuthis dux). Courtesy: Nathan Robinson.

Oct. 5, 2021

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