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NASW is pleased to announce that members are now eligible to receive a discount or extended free trial on audio editing software from Hindenburg thanks to member Robert Frederick, who researched audio software discounts. In full disclosure, neither Rob nor NASW benefit directly from this arrangement with Hindenburg. Rob contacted a number of audio-software organizations about such discounts on behalf of NASW, and Hindenburg was the only one to finalize an arrangement for our membership.

For a limited time, current NASW members receive a 10% discount on the Journalist audio editing program or a 20% discount on the Journalist PRO audio editing program ($300 instead of $375). Discounts are also to those who own Journalist and wish to upgrade to the PRO version.

This offer is good until May 5, 2015.

  • $85 (instead of $95) for Journalist
  • $300 (instead of $375) for Journalist PRO
  • $260 (instead of $325) for those who own Journalist and would like to upgrade to Journalist PRO

To learn more about the differences between Journalist and Journalist PRO, including 1-click publishing and call recording directly from Skype, visit hindenburgsystems.com/products/comparison.

Want to find out if Hindenburg is a good fit for you? Members can download a free 3-month trial instead of the 1-month trial version. The trial allows you to switch freely between the Journalist and Journalist PRO versions. If you would like to simply download the standard 1-month trial, visit hindenburg.com/products/hindenburg-trial at anytime.

For the longer trial or discount, email director@nasw.org by December 15, 2014 with the following information:

  • Subject line: "NASW Member Hindenburg Discount"
  • Your full name
  • Your email address (please type in body of message)
  • the following statement "By sending this email and requesting access, I certify that I am current member of the National Association of Science Writers."

You will then be emailed a special key (within a week or so) that you can use to secure the discount or extended free trial.

October 7, 2014

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