Support the Diversity Committee’s work

The Diversity Committee is growing and in need of additional members. At NASW, we believe that efforts to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility should infuse all programs, projects, and initiatives. Similarly, we believe these efforts should be the work of all members, and we encourage interested volunteers to join in the important work being done by members of the Diversity Committee.

A little about the Diversity Committee, which was founded in 2014.

  • The Diversity Committee manages several grant programs, which award ~$20,000 annually;
  • The Committee leads multiple projects that support BIPOC students and writers, including its flagship Summer Diversity Fellowship, which allows students and early-career journalists from underrepresented groups to take on internships in otherwise unaffordable cities;
  • The Committee develops ideas for new programs and projects, and regularly consults with the board and other committees to support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

The Diversity Committee meets twice a year and communicates primarily by email.

The Diversity Committee is especially looking for volunteers to help with the following opportunities:

  • Diversity Summer Fellowship Program
    Committee members are working on transforming this flagship Fellowship. Members put out a call for applications, recruit judges — or serve as a judge, reviewing applications. The active period is generally February-May, with the majority of the judging taking place in May.

  • Culture Dish
    Committee members handle the @culturedish Twitter account, where we highlight diversity in science writing, as well as RT job postings so that more BIPOC people can see them.

  • Diversity Reporting Grants
    Committee members develop the call for applications, recruit judges if needed, help review applications, and deliver the good news to winners. Staff assist with the administrative aspects. The active period is generally three months beginning in autumn. We’re currently looking at ways to shape these grants to better serve our community.

Can you help? Interested volunteers should send a note to In the note, tell us a little bit about yourself and let us know which program or program(s) you would like to be part of or what you are most interested in helping with.

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