Thank you to our volunteer mentors and editors!

The NASW Perlman Virtual Mentoring Program would not have been possible without the scores of volunteers who served as mentors and editors. These mentors willingly gave of their time, expertise and energy, working with students throughout the summer, from pitch to publication. The long list that follows is a testament to the goodwill and generosity of NASW members.

A big thank you to:

Gilead Amit, science correspondent, The Economist; Sheeva Azma, owner, Fancy Comma, LLC; Massie Ballon, communications and outreach specialist, Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute; Roberta, Batorsky, adjunct biology teacher, Temple University and science writer; Eric Bender, freelancer; Steven Benowitz, science writer and editor, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health; Karen Blum, freelance medical/science writer; Eric Boodman, reporter, STAT; Bethany Brookshire, freelance writer, podcaster, book writer; Monique Brouillette freelance journalist; Rina Diane Caballar, freelance journalist and content writer; Teresa Carey, senior writer, Freethink; Siri Carpenter, editor-in-chief, The Open Notebook; Charles Choi, freelance writer; Amber Dance, freelance science writer and developmental editor; Laura Dattaro, news writer, Spectrum; Brooke Dulka, freelance science writer and editor; David Ehrenstein, senior editor, American Physical Society; Jeanne Erdmann, independent journalist; Julia Evangelou Strait, senior medical sciences writer, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis; Lesley Evans Ogden, freelance writer and editor; Shelby Evergreen, (former) communications specialist, City of Boulder, freelance multimedia specialist, graduate student MIT; Rachel Fairbank, freelance science writer and editor; Jennifer Freeman, development communications writer, Environmental Defense Fund; Liz Fuller-Wright, science writer and acting managing editor, Princeton University Office of Communications; Erin Garcia De Jesús, staff writer, Science News; Barbara Gastel, professor and coordinator of MS program in science and technology journalism, Texas A&M University; Cara Giaimo, freelance science journalist and editor; Susan Gilbert, director of communications, The Hastings Center; Jeff Grabmeier, director of research communications, The Ohio State University; Emily Greenhalgh, digital media specialist and science writer, Marine Biological Laboratory; Mary Guiden, science writer, Colorado State University; Tara Haelle, freelance science/health reporter; Laurel Hamers, science writer, Janelia, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Nadia Holden, science writer/editor, National Cancer Institute; Charlotte Huff, independent journalist; Rob Irion, director emeritus/advisor, SciCom program, University of California, Santa Cruz; Alla Katsnelson, freelance journalist and editor; Irene Klotz, space editor, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Katherine Kornei, freelance science journalist; Max Kozlov, intern, Nature; Joshua Learn, freelance science writer; Sarah Lewin Frasier, assistant news editor, Scientific American; Alisa Machalek, writer/editor, National Institutes of Health; Theresa Machemer, freelance journalist; Jyoti Madhusoodanan, freelance journalist; Adam Mann, freelance space and physics journalist, DJ McCauley, science writer/editor, CSA News; Joe McClain, director, research communications, William & Mary; Beth Miller, senior engineering writer and communications specialist, Washington University in St. Louis McKelvey School of Engineering; Rich Monastersky, chief features editor, Nature; Lisa Munoz, founder SciComm Services; Michael Newman, senior media relations representative; Johns Hopkins Medicine; Amy Oliver, public information and news manager, National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Gail Porter, retired public affairs director, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Kendall Powell, freelance science writer and editor; Michael Price, correspondent, Science; Rosalind Reid, executive director, Council for the Advancement of Science Writing; Czerne Reid, senior lecturer, University of Florida and independent science writer and editor; Elliot Richman, retired science/medical writer and editor; Julia Rosen, freelance journalist; Erin Ross, science reporter, Oregon Public Broadcasting; Mark Roth, retired newspaper science editor, adjunct professor, Carnegie Mellon University; Jill Sakai, writer and editor, freelance and University of Wisconsin–Madison; Tara Santora, freelancer and contributing editor, Fatherly; William Schulz, managing editor, Photonics Focus; Shannon Shea, social media manager and senior writer/editor, Department of Energy Office of Science; Kimberly Shimer, director of communications, Villanova University College of Engineering; Sara Shoemaker, media relations/science writer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Ayanna Tucker, communications specialist, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Kelly Tyrrell, science writer and director of research communications, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Anthony Van Witsen, faculty, Alma College; Nancy Volkers, communications manager, International League Against Epilepsy; Cameron Walker, freelancer; JoAnna Wendel, freelance science writer; Carolyn Wilke, freelance science journalist; Alex Witze, freelance writer and correspondent, Nature; Marcus Woo, freelance science writer; Ashley Yeager, associate news editor, Science News

Sep. 26, 2021

NYU School of Professional Studies