Video from ScienceWriters2013: The XX Question

Several of the NASW professional development workshop sessions at ScienceWriters2013 were videotaped.  We will be releasing videos and/or excerpts throughout the year to share with those unable to attend.  The first session is:

The XX Question
Session description with link to panelist bios
Saturday, November 2, 2013
Part of ScienceWriters2013
UF Hilton Conference Center, Gainesville, Florida

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Multiple events that came to light in late 2013 revealed that our community is not immune to professional issues of sexual harassment that affect our entire society. Because of the timing of the meeting on the heels of many of these revelations, the National Association of Science Writers anticipated increased interest in a session on women in science writing that was already scheduled as part of our annual professional development workshops. We moved the session, "The XX Question," to a new time slot and larger room. We are grateful to the organizer and all of the panelists who agreed to move the session and reframed it to allow for a broadened focus, which included not only issues related to professional status and recognition for women in the field, but also issues related to sexual harassment.

A video of the session follows in its entirety here.  The views expressed reflect those of the speakers, commenters, and audience members and not those of their employers or the National Association of Science Writers.  Though we have made minor edits to eliminate a few instances of profanity, please be advised that the discussion covers mature themes. Please note that approximately 20 seconds of footage is missing at 21:30 when tapes were switched out.  The missing time makes it erroneously appear that two examples  of marginalization discussed immediately before and after 21:30 are linked when they are in fact distinct.  We apologize for the brief omission.

We ask that you refrain from excerpting or reposting this video out of context.  Please refer others only to this link ( so that those watching may understand the context for what was a powerful community experience.  Thank you to all who participated thoughtfully and to all who continue to carry on this important discussion.

The National Association of Science Writers will continue to address these important professional issues.  For updates, or to volunteer, please visit or email

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November 26, 2013

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