Volunteer mentors key to success of inaugural Perlman Virtual Mentoring Program

The Perlman Virtual Mentoring Program would not have been possible without the scores of volunteers who served as mentor-editors. In a time of great uncertainty and disruption, these mentors willingly gave of their time, expertise and energy, working with students throughout the summer, from pitch to publication. The long list that follows is a testament to the goodwill and generosity of NASW members.

A big thank you to:

Jill Adams, freelance writer and editor; Rachel Alexander reporter, Salem Reporter; Gilead Amit, deputy head of features, New Scientist (London, UK); Becky Bach, editor, Stanford University; Massie Ballon, communications & outreach coordinator, DOE Joint Genome Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Roberta Batorsky, lecturer, Penn State and Rowan University; Eric Bender, freelancer; Steven Benowitz, science writer, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences; Jacob Berkowitz, freelance; Jennifer (Jenner) Berry, freelance; Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato, freelancer and co-founder of DiverseSources.org; Melissa Blouin, director of news and media relations, UC Davis; Eric Boodman, reporter, STAT; Samuel Brasch, climate and environment reporter, Colorado Public Radio, Ashley Braun, freelance journalist, editor, fact-checker; Alan Brown, senior editor, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Rachel Butch, senior communications specialist, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Michael Carlowicz, managing editor, NASA Earth Observatory; Siri Carpenter, editor-in-chief, The Open Notebook; Shraddha Chakradhar, reporter, STAT; Jayshree Chander, physician and writer; Warren Cornwall, contributing correspondent, Science; Laura Dattaro, reporter, Spectrum; Liz Devitt, science writer, Purina Institute; Francie Diep, staff reporter, The Chronicle of Higher Education; David Ehrenstein, editor, American Physical Society; Jeanne Erdmann, independent journalist; Kat Eschner, Freelancer and contributing editor, Popular Science; Julia Evangelou Strait, senior medical services writer, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis; Francesco Fiondella, director of communications, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University; Jodi Frank, freelancer; Kate Gammon, freelancer; Debra Gordon, freelancer; Jeff Grabmeier, director of research communications, Ohio State University; Amanda Grennell, production editor, Undark; Tara Haelle, freelance journalist; Laurel Hamers, science writer and editor, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Brian Hayes, freelancer and author; Rob Irion, lecturer and former director, UC Santa Cruz SciCom Program; Stacy Kish, assistant director of research communication, Carnegie Mellon University; Katherine Kornei, freelance science Journalist; Mike Krapfl, public information officer, Iowa State University; Karen Kreeger, Director of Communications, Monell Chemical Senses Center; Betsy Ladyzhets, research manager, Stacker; Rachael Lallensack, assistant web editor, Smithsonian; Joshua Learn, science writer, The Wildlife Society; Sarah Lewin Frasier, assistant news editor, Scientific American; Peg Lopata, freelancer; Jyoti Madhusoodanan, freelance journalist; David Malakoff, deputy news editor, Science; DJ McCauley, science writer and editor, CSA News; Anne McGovern, science writer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Robin Meadows, freelancer; Jeffrey Mervis, senior correspondent, Science; senior correspondent, A'ndrea Messer, senior science and research information officer, Penn State; Lisa Munoz, science communication consultant; Michael Newman, senior media relations representative, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Tien Nguyen, freelance multimedia science journalist; Sarah Nightingale, digital/print editor, NASW, and freelancer; Shannon Palus, writer and editor, Slate; Michael Price, contributing correspondent, Science and senior editor, StudySync; Sara Reardon, freelancer; Rosalind Reid, executive director, Council for the Advancement of Science Writing; Czerne Reid, lecturer and program director, University of Florida College of Medicine and affiliate faculty UF College of Journalism & Communications; Pam Ronald, distinguished professor, UC Davis; Erin Ross, writer and researcher, Oregon Public Broadcasting; Mark Roth, freelancer and adjunct faculty, Carnegie Mellon University; Caitlin Rothermel, medical and health economics writer, MedLitera; Jeremy Rumsey, senior science writer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Tina Saey, senior writer, Science News; Jill Sakai, writer and editor, University of Wisconsin-Madison; William Schulz, freelance science journalist; Shannon Shea, senior writer and editor, U.S. Department of Energy; Shannon Stirone, freelancer; Rich Stone, senior science editor, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios; Vandana Suresh, science writer, Texas A&M University; Chanapa Tantibanchachai, public information officer, FDA; Ayanna Tucker, communications specialist, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Danielle (Dee) Torrent Tucker, associate director of communications, Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental; Kelly Tyrrell, director of research communications, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Anthony Van Witsen, science communication researcher, Michigan State University, Chelsea Wald, freelance journalist; Vanessa Wasta, communications manager, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Sarah Webb, senior science writer, Krell Institute and freelance writer and editor; Jon Weiner, associate director, research communications, Kaiser Permanente; Mindy Weisberger, senior writer and podcast host, Live Science; Sarah Wells, news writer, Inverse.com, and freelancer; JoAnna Wendel, editor, writer and illustrator, Inverse.com and freelancer; John Wenz, digital producer, Knowable Magazine; Lindzi Wessel, freelance writer, video producer and fact checker; Elizabeth Whittington, director, digital media; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Carolyn Wilke, staff writer, Science News for Students; Ashley Yeager, associate editor, The Scientist.

September 18, 2020

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