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Announced this morning in London: The Arab Science Journalists Association, in a historic first co-bid, has, together with NASW, landed the bid for the next World Conference of Science Journalists to be held in spring 2011 in Cairo. Our two associations will work together to build exciting programs, reporting opportunities, and field trips for science journalists from all over the world. Over 900 science writers from approximately 70 countries are currently attending the 2009 World Conference of Science Journalists in London. Stay tuned for developments, specific dates, and ways to get involved.

This summer, the National Association of Science Writers will award grants of up to $2,500 each to support education, training or other activities that help established science writers continue or advance their careers in today's rapidly changing media environment. The size and number of the grants will depend on specific proposals received; NASW will award up to $25,000 of our Authors Coalition funds for this purpose.

A number of organizations offer financial assistance to professional writers in severe financial distress because of illness, serious career reverses, or other catastrophes that affect their ability to work and earn. This assistance generally takes the form of open-ended, interest-free loans or outright grants to help pay medical bills, rent or mortgage, or other expenses.

One day in my new job at Pacific Northwest National Lab, a colleague and I went to one of our climate scientists to grill him. He was going to be interviewed live on a radio webcast, and we wanted to make sure he'd be understandable to people who aren't researchers. Well, he beat us to the punch. He'd already uncovered a short article about talking about climate change in Eos, the American Geophysical Union's weekly newspaper.