Public information officers

One was escaping from a long-ago recession. Another wanted more pay and better benefits. Those were among the responses Denise Graveline got when she posted this Twitter-hashtagged question on her "don't get caught" blog: "How did you get started in #PR or #communications?" Don't miss the post from a longtime NASW member who began her account with the brief but spellbinding sentence: "Newspaper had fleas." (Just fleas? We've seen worse.)

Where's the line between emailed press releases and emailed spam? Not where many PR professionals think, says Jason Falls on Social Media Explorer. If you email your press release to reporters who "do not know you and didn’t ask you to email them, you are — at most — introducing yourself. If you do anything more than that, you are spamming them," Falls said. Don't miss the ensuing battle in his comments section.