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The NASW bookstore sells books, music, video, software, and other merchandise via Every purchase you make on Amazon can support NASW programs and services: Just go to when you start your shopping. Books featured below were written by NASW members or reviewed in ScienceWriters magazine. Appearance here does not indicate endorsement.

Kenneth Goodman

Kenneth Goodman, director of the bioethics program at the University of Miami, writes that the growth of evidence-based medicine is one of the hottest topics in health-care practice, policy, and education in a generation and has occurred against a backdrop of healthcare reform, managed care, cost containment, and quality improvement.

Ingrid Wickelgren

Ingrid Wickelgren, a contributing correspondent for Science magazine, has written about how a group of wildly ambitious scientists competed to win one of the most competitive races in the history of science — the mapping of the human genome.

Nigel Hey

Nigel Hey's book on the marvels of the solar system is filled with spectacular color illustrations. A freelancer who lives in Albuquerque, British-born Hey has interspersed his text with 12 short essays written by space experts from Arthur C. Clarke to David Morrison and Donald Gray.

J.G. Anderson and Kenneth Goodman

Kenneth Goodman, director of the bioethics program at the University of Miami, and his co-author, J.G. Anderson from Purdue University, present 130 case studies illustrating ethical and social issues that arise from the increasing use of computers in medicine, nursing, psychology, pharmacy, and the allied health professions.

Noreen Grice

Touch the Universe combines Braille and large-print captions that face 14 pages of brilliant Hubble Space Telescope photos with embossed shapes that represent various astronomical objects such as planets, stars and jets of gas streaming into space. "Universally designed" for both the sighted and visually impaired reader, Touch the Universe takes readers on a voyage of discovery, starting at Earth, proceeding through the solar system, and ending with the Hubble Northern Deep Field of Galaxies.

Yvonne Baskin

Yvonne Baskin, a freelance ecology and environmental writer from Bozeman, Mont., has written about the degradation of the world's unique plant and animal communities by invasive species. She explores the extent of the problems and investigates the solutions that will help preserve the natural heritage, health, and productivity of working lands and waters.

Laura S. Woodmansee

Laura Woodmansee is a southern California freelance science writer who specializes in space exploration. Women Astronauts, her new book and video CD set, includes biographies of every woman who has flown in space, as well as those of female astronauts currently waiting to be assigned to a space mission.