Virtual Business Chat: Meet the Editors Looking for Op-Eds

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm PDT

This latest NASW Virtual Business Chat is brought to you by the NASW Advance Copy column.

Virtual Business Chat:
Meet the Editors Looking for Op-Eds
Presented by the NASW Advance Copy column

Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2023
Start Time: 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT
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Opinion pieces are a great tool to bring attention to your research, your expertise on a topic and your new or upcoming book. Yet, op-eds are different from reported stories. How do you propose an op-ed to an editor and convince them that you are the qualified expert to write it? In this panel we will hear from three opinion editors — at Bloomberg, Scientific American and Sierra Club Magazine — about what topics they are interested in, how to pitch them and what elements a good op-ed should have. Whether you are a book author or an expert in a particular field, this panel will help you hone your opinion-writing prowess.

Your NASW member colleague and volunteer event host Lina Zeldovich has invited the following guests to speak on the topic.

Invited Speakers:

David Dudley
Bloomberg CityLab

I'm a senior editor at Bloomberg CityLab, formerly known as just CityLab, and even more formerly known as Atlantic Cities. It's a digital publication that was originally spawned from the Atlantic magazine, with a focus on urban issues and a global audience. We cover all manner of topics, but especially those related to housing, transportation, climate resilience and what often gets called "livability" — the mix of public safety and urban amenities that make cities attractive/survivable spaces. Street design, historic preservation, architecture, and the nerdy nitty-gritty of infrastructure are all big draws for our crowd.

While much of our content is reported by journalists, we have also long been a forum for non-journalists who are passionate about cities. Our "Perspective" vertical is a space for opinion and analysis from researchers, urban planners, architects, electeds and just interested citizens who have something to how about urban life. (Some of our most popular pieces have been written by bus drivers and mail carriers.) So I've had a decent amount of experience working w/ a diverse set of writers.

These latter ones are also good examples of authors adapting material they'd used in their books for a new piece.

Julian Anna Nowogrodzki

I'm an opinion editor at Nature, the world's leading science journal. Nature publishes agenda-setting journalism and opinion for a general audience, and our core readers are working scientists and researchers of all kinds. We're looking for the conversation-changing, the provocative (as long as it's backed up by evidence), and the personal. Opinion pieces at Nature are read by decision-makers and have led to real-world change like trans-inclusive publishing guidelines. Books and book reviews fall under the opinion umbrella at Nature, and we're keen to expand our book-related coverage with more sharp, original pieces.

Here are some recent Nature opinion pieces that exemplify our goals:

Katie O'Reilly
SIERRA Magazine

The storytelling arm of the nation's largest grassroots environmental conservation organization — the Sierra Club — SIERRA magazine is a print quarterly and (much more extensive) online magazine with an objective of inspiring readers to better preserve, protect, and enjoy natural spaces. As SIERRA magazine's Adventure + Lifestyle Editor, I develop, commission, edit, and write print and online articles about human-powered outdoor adventure (and the gear that facilitates it), sustainable travel, food + ag, wildlife, eco-centric books and film, and science. While most of what we published are reported pieces, we certainly make space (especially online!) for op-eds from authors, scientists, NGO leaders, and other field experts.

Here are some narrative and opinion pieces that come to mind:

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