Virtual Business Chat: A Primer for Authors on Book Publicity


Virtual Business Chat:
A Primer for Authors on Book Publicity
Presented by the NASW Advance Copy column

Date: Friday, October 27, 2023
Start Time: Noon ET / 9:00 AM PT
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Are you writing a book or working on a proposal for one? You may think that the most challenging part of putting a book together is actually writing it, but marketing is often much harder — because it’s something most writers don’t naturally do. That’s why the author’s hard work is hardly done when the manuscript finally goes to print.

Because no book will sell well on its own, today authors must trade their pens for promotional activities and events. And if you are lucky to have a publicist, they may even start working on the book’s marketing plan even before you finish your manuscript. In our next #SciWriBooks panel, we will hear from two book publicity experts about how to get blurbs, reviews, interviews, and whatever else necessary to make one’s book a bestseller. The author’s participation is key to the book’s success, so join us to learn how to put your book on a best-seller list!

Your NASW member colleague and volunteer event host Lina Zeldovich has invited the following guests to speak on the topic.

Invited Speakers:

Alexandra Primiani
Associate Director of Publicity at Avid Reader Press (Simon & Schuster)

Alex joined Avid Reader Press in 2019. During her time here, she has spearheaded publicity campaigns for such high-profile journalists as Andy Borowitz, Frank Bruni, Michaeleen Doucleff, Ezra Klein, and Gillian Tett, as well as internationally bestselling authors Dan and Chip Heath. She also publicized the New York Times bestselling novel Infinite Country by award-winning novelist Patricia Engel; the Los Angeles Times bestseller — and an official Barack Obama Book Pick for 2022 — Mouth to Mouth by Antoine Wilson; plus Elisa Albert’s provocative and “revolutionary” (NPR) Human Blues. Alex previously worked at Melville House, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Penguin Random House, helping launch thought-provoking nonfiction and literary fiction.

Carolyn Farnham
Senior Marketing Executive at John Murray Press (Hachette)

Carolyn became a member of Jessica Kingsley Publishers, an imprint of John Murray Press, in 2019. She began her career marketing books on neurodiversity and education with a focus on digital marketing campaigns. Since then, she has expanded her role to include books from other JMP imprints, including Nicholas Brealey, Hodder Faith, Teach Yourself, Chambers Books, and Michel Thomas, spanning across nonfiction genres. Her expertise lies in specialist publishing, though she also has experience working with trade teams across JMP and Hachette US. Prior to publishing, she taught through the Teach for America program and worked as an educational consultant. She has a BA in English from Yale University and studied publishing at New York University’s Publishing Institute.

Advance Copy is NASW's long-running books and publishing column curated by member volunteer Lynne Lamberg. These interviews ask NASW member authors how they came up with the idea for their book, developed a proposal, found an agent and publisher, funded and conducted research, and put the book together. Be sure to read these #SciWriBooks archived entries! And if you're interested in helping launch a future NASW Books Committee, be sure to reach out to NASW member volunteers Lina Zeldovich and Lynne Lamberg with your enthusiasm.

Questions? Stop by to say hello to event hosts Lina Zeldovich and Lynne Lamberg and to suggest topics for future books-related events.

Please note that this is an informational session and opportunity to ask questions; it is not an endorsement by NASW for any specific agent, company, or policy. NASW does not provide book publishing or publicity services, nor do we make recommendations for specific policies or products.

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