Member mailing list

A mailing list of NASW members who have made their addresses available.

Renting this mailing list will give you access, for a single mailing, to NASW members who have made their postal addresses available. Once rented, the list may be downloaded as a comma-separated-value (CSV) list or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLS) and will remain available for one week. Addresses supplied are postal mailing addresses. NASW does not rent member email addresses.

The fee is for one-time use only. For subsequent or multiple mailings, you must rent a new copy of the list. Neither the list or any information on the list may be used for any purpose other than a single mailing. Information, or any subset thereof, may not be analyzed, aggregated, or stored in any manner by you or your agents. NASW and its agents are not responsible for any inaccuracies, discrepancies, or errors in the information contained in the list.

Pay with a credit card to download your list immediately. Purchase orders and checks are also accepted, with a delay for administrative review.


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