U.S. new student membership

Student memberships are for those who are currently enrolled in journalism or science programs, or who are serving as reporters or editors at school newspapers. Student membership may be renewed year to year as long as the student remains enrolled in a degree-granting program. Upon completion, graduation, or if the student is no longer actively enrolled, student members must apply to become regular members. Once a student has become a regular member, he or she cannot return to student status in the event of further matriculation. Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for student membership.

If your primary mailing address is not in the United States, please use the International application form instead.

If you are not a student, please complete the U.S., Canada, or International regular member application instead.

NOTE: This form is for NEW members only. If you are trying to renew an existing membership, please log in with your NASW member user name and password to get the correct form.

Memberships paid before Nov. 1 will expire at the end of the current calendar year. Memberships paid after Nov. 1 will expire at the end of the next calendar year.


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