Apply by April 7 for the 2023 NASW Diversity Summer Fellowship

Making ends meet on an intern’s salary can be hard. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives and represents hardships for many young science communicators. Although most summer internships have come back in some way or another after the first years of the pandemic, stipends — even the more generous ones being offered — don’t always cover the full costs of temporarily relocating to a new city, or making ends meet remotely.

To make these job opportunities accessible to a more diverse pool of talent, the National Association of Science Writers is pleased to offer the NASW Diversity Summer Fellowship for talented students and early career science communicators undertaking summer internships. Fellowship recipients — those from underrepresented groups including racial and ethnic minorities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and those with disabilities are invited to apply — will receive $3,000 to supplement any stipends they receive from their summer employer. Fellows will also receive a one-year complimentary membership to NASW.

Who Should Apply

The fellowship is open to any underrepresented minority who intends to complete a science communication internship during the summer of 2023 (internships that extend into the fall also count towards eligibility). The internship can be in science journalism or any other science communications field and can be in any medium — print, digital, audio, video, or multimedia. Preference will be given to students and early-career professionals. Applicants need not have received an internship offer at the time they submit their application, but fellowship recipients will be asked to provide confirmation of an offer and its acceptance before funds are awarded. The internship must be based in the US; an international applicant can be working in the US or working remotely for a US-based internship host. Up to five fellows will be selected by the NASW Diversity Committee for this 2023 program offering.

How Do I Apply?

To apply online to the NASW Diversity Summer Fellowship, click here for the Submittable portal.

You will be asked to upload a resume, two work samples, and your response to the following writing prompt:

In 500 words, describe yourself and tell us why you are interested in this fellowship, including:

  • How your diverse background informs the way you approach your journalism.
  • Your career goals as they relate to science communication.
  • Any financial hardship that this fellowship would help alleviate.
  • How diversity has played a role in your career in science communication.

The application deadline has been extended to April 7, 2023. Winners will be notified no later than May 15, 2023.

Questions? Email us at

Photos of recent NASW Diversity Summer Fellowship cohorts. (Courtesy of Grantees)

The NASW Diversity Committee focuses on special projects and programs that support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in science journalism. The committee’s initiatives are intended to support writers from underrepresented communities and bring new members into the field. Connect with committee chairs at

NASW members interested in supporting the Diversity Summer Fellowship can volunteer to serve on the NASW Diversity Committee. To learn how, visit for current listings and opportunities. And find out more about NASW’s growing programs sustaining talented colleagues and untold stories at

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