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Published on NASW.org:

Whales still face numerous threats in the Gulf of Mexico. Could a new endangered species change that?
By Emma Dennes, mentored and edited by Christina Nunez

Old mouse brains can still take out the trash, a new study shows
By Joe McMillan, mentored and edited by Bethany Brookshire

Im-PECK-able adaptation: some city birds construct nests out of anti-bird spikes
By Paige Nicklas, mentored and edited by Jennifer Carr

Rhapsody in blue soup – how the blue soup saga captivated Twitter
By Christina Nowicki, mentored and edited by Haley Wasserman

Plastic-ridden plankton are poisoning gray whales
By Mackenzie White, mentored and edited by Saima Sidik

Anolis lizards show unlikely adaptations to urban environments, study finds
By Hanwen Zhang, mentored and edited by Laura Dattaro

Published elsewhere:

Bird-friendly maple syrup boosts Vermont forest diversity & resilience
By Nina Foster, mentored and edited by Lesley Evans Ogden
Monga Bay

October 27, 2023