Susan J. Crockford: Eaten: A Novel

Cover: Eaten: A Novel

Cover: Eaten: A Novel by Susan J. Crockford

Susan J. Crockford, Ph.D.
CreateSpace/Spotted Cow Presentations Inc., November 13, 2015
Paperback, $14.49, Kindle, $6.99
ISBN-10: 151930255X
ISBN-13: 9781519302557
ISBN-Kindle: 9780991796625
ISBN ePub: 9780991796618

Crockford reports:

Eaten is a polar bear attack thriller set in Newfoundland, Canada, in 2025 — a genre some call speculative fiction. I incorporated polar bear ecology into a story for readers who would likely never buy a science book.

While I include a recommended reading list, the book is primarily for readers who love a good story with a strong science background.

In this tale, the occupants of hundreds of small towns and isolated outposts across northern Newfoundland find themselves unprepared for a surprise spring onslaught of hungry polar bears. People haven’t just been killed, they’ve been eaten.

As the attacks multiply, people find they are not safe even in their own homes. Local residents, Mounties, and biologists struggle with a disturbing new reality: they have a huge polar bear problem on their hands, and if they don’t find a solution quickly, more people will die gruesome deaths, and more polar bears will be shot. Stopping the carnage and terror will be the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced.

Susan J. Crockford

Susan J. Crockford, holding a polar bear skull.

This is my first novel. I'm a zoologist who grew up in a family of storytellers and avid fiction readers. When I decided to try my hand at writing a novel, it felt like a logical progression from science writing, not a leap. After blogging about polar bear science for three years, and selling a few polar bear magazine articles, featuring these Arctic predators in my next book just felt right.

I had a few months free to do nothing but write, so I went for a novel rather than turning my blog into a science book — my original plan. I found the new genre less daunting than I had feared, and enjoyed the process more than I expected. I would definitely do another!

I decided to self-publish, but hired a professional fiction editor as well as a formatting specialist to facilitate the online submission process; both were worth every penny. I found my editor, Caroline Kaiser, via the Editors Association of Canada, at a cost of less than $2,000, and the formatting specialist from the back side of the title page on another recently published book. I returned the favor, and did the same: The formatting cost a few hundred dollars, and saved me much time and aggravation.

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