All about freelancing

Welcome to NASW’s All About Freelancing page. Here we have gathered the most helpful resources, tip sheets, and guidance on everything from negotiating better contracts and pay rates to crafting editor-pleasing pitches. We hope you’ll be inspired by the incredible level of freedom that comes with freelancing — especially to write about what you love! Questions? Email the NASW Freelance Committee at

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Becoming a freelancer


Rates and contracts

Awards, grants, and fellowships

Career development

Beware the double dip – Reporting on the same subject for different clients

Marketing and alternative income streams

Book proposals, book publishing and e-publishing

Journal access

Meeting policy/press credentials

Home office and reporting gear

Taxes, incorporation, liability and other legal issues

Health insurance

Outside resources for freelancers

For more freelancing resources, see the All about freelancing archive.

Biedler Price for Cancer Journalism