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Investigating and covering emerging, controversial and contested disease stories

“How do you report on [diseases] where a lot of the tools that are often available to us as science writers, like the published scientific literature, are just not there?” asked Ed Yong, a science journalist for The Atlantic. Yong posed the question at the start of the ScienceWriters2020 session "Covering Emerging, Controversial, and Contested Disease."

From Ideas to Action: #SciWri20 plenaries result in diversity resources

From the death of George Floyd to a pandemic that disproportionately affects minority communities, 2020 has been a year of reckoning when it comes to racial injustices in the United States. With those events as a backdrop, the opening plenary at the ScienceWriters2020 conference, held virtually in October, challenged science communicators to confront the lack of diversity in our field.

Science writers share insights on reporting on the pandemic

In today’s cluttered, digital-first media environment, the pressure to break news fast leaves little time for many reporters to do deep dives and big picture stories on the COVID-19 pandemic. Three science writers with very different approaches to grappling with this issue shared insights into their reporting tactics in an October 7 webinar organized by NASW Program Committee volunteers Jill Adams, Eli Kintisch, Cassandra Willyard, and Siri Carpenter.