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The National Association of Science Writers is pleased to announce a new resource for science journalists — the Funding Sources database. Available to all NASW members, the database was developed by member Madeline Bodin. It includes grants, fellowships, and other types of funding for which science writers may qualify. For information about joining NASW and taking advantage of the Funding Sources database, please see our membership benefits page.

Videos have now been posted of four keynote speakers at Science Writing in the Age of Denial, an NASW-sponsored event April 23-24 in Madison. Wisc. The videos feature Arthur Lupia: "Communicating Science in Politicized Environments;" Sean B. Carroll: "The Denial of Evolution, and the Evolution of Denial: We Have All Been Here Before;" Gary Schwitzer: "Cheerleading, Shibboleths and Uncertainty;" and Naomi Oreskes: "Neoliberalism and the Denial of Global Warming."