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Coverage begins in 2006 for the ScienceWriters meeting and 2009 for the AAAS meeting. To see programs for past ScienceWriters meetings, go to the ScienceWriters meeting site.

How science can support minority groups in reclaiming their history

At a time when black and brown Americans are dying of COVID-19 at much greater rates than whites, it is more important than ever for scientists to gain the trust of minority communities by doing a better job of listening to their concerns and involving them in scientific research, researchers at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting on February 10 said.

Investigating and covering emerging, controversial and contested disease stories

“How do you report on [diseases] where a lot of the tools that are often available to us as science writers, like the published scientific literature, are just not there?” asked Ed Yong, a science journalist for The Atlantic. Yong posed the question at the start of the ScienceWriters2020 session "Covering Emerging, Controversial, and Contested Disease."