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President Joe Palca opened the meeting by calling on Treasurer Deborah Blum to present some good news. Deborah reported that the organization had a budget surplus of $20,032 in 1999. Total funds, including operating budget, checking account, money market and CDs, totaled $216,792; half of which is now held in cash reserve. This is quite a difference from the days when NASW typically operated at a deficit.

The officers of NASW gathered last week in New York to discuss continuity matters. It was the second time this two-year term we met to decide how to get along without one of our elected officers.

With great sorrow, NASW announces the death of its president, Laura van Dam, on April 24, after a long and courageous battle with central nervous system lymphoma.

Laura van Dam

An independent book editor, Laura spent many years as a senior editor with Houghton-Mifflin, where she specialized in books related to science, technology, medicine, and health. She worked with authors including Natalie Angier (Woman: An Intimate Geography), Daniel Schacter (The Seven Sins of Memory), J. Richard Gott (Time Travel Through Einstein's Universe), and Steve Olson (Mapping Human History, a National Book Award finalist).