Science in Society Awards

The National Association of Science Writers is pleased to announce the five winners of this year's Science in Society awards, which honor investigative or interpretive reporting about the sciences and their impact on society. Read more to meet the 2014 winning authors and read their work.

The winners of the 2013 Science in Society Journalism Awards, sponsored by the National Association of Science Writers, are: In the Book category, David Quammen; in the Science Reporting category, Douglas Fox; in the Longform category, Patricia Callahan, Sam Roe and Michael Hawthorne; in the Science Reporting for a Local or Regional Audience category, Hillary Rosner; and in the Commentary or Opinion category, Christie Aschwanden.

From autism to animal migration, pollution to animal testing, winners of this year's Science in Society Journalism Awards tackled sensitive and controversial topics with reporting and storytelling skill. Read on to learn more about the winning entries.