Advance Copy: Backstories on books by NASW members

For this column, NASW book editor Lynne Lamberg asks NASW authors to tell how they came up with the idea for their book, developed a proposal, found an agent and publisher, funded and conducted research, and put the book together. She also asks what they wish they had known before they began working on their book, what they might do differently the next time, and what tips they can offer aspiring authors. She then edits the A part of that Q&A to produce the author reports you see here.

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Publication of NASW members' reports in Advance Copy does not constitute NASW's endorsement of their books. NASW welcomes your comments and hopes this column stimulates productive discussions.

Summary: In Do Fathers Matter?, Paul Raeburn, a father of five, debunks myths and stereotypes of fatherhood, while highlighting the many ways fathers shape the lives of their children.

Ply your drinking buddies with info distilled from Proof, Adam Rogers’ spirited report on the history and science of booze.

In Scatter, Adapt and Remember, Annalee Newitz explores what humans would have to do to survive a mass extinction. Newitz’s book is a finalist in the science and technology category of this year's L.A. Times Book Award competition.

In The Soil Will Save Us, Kristin Ohlson tells how plants and soil microorganisms created our lush world, how humans disrupted that partnership, and how visionary scientists, farmers, and other land managers are working to create healthy, carbon-rich soil to restore ecological health.

In Animal Wise: How We Know Animals Think and Feel, Virginia Morell explores the inner lives of wild and domesticated animals, and tells how animal behaviorists gain such knowledge. In February 2014, Morell’s book was chosen as a finalist in the science and technology category of this year's LA Times Book Award competition. It previously was named a Kirkus Reviews’ "Best Book of 2013" and an American Library Association "Notable Book for 2014."