2020 David Perlman Virtual Mentoring Program

Announcing the new NASW Student Newsroom and winners of the 2020 Summer Writing Awards

This summer, NASW offered the inaugural David Perlman Virtual Mentoring Program for graduate and undergraduate students. Created by the Education Committee to offer learning opportunities at a time when internships were in question due to the pandemic, 98 students were matched with 98 NASW volunteer mentors from a variety of science writing backgrounds. 


Brianna Barbu

In "Questing for Cures from a Boiling River," Barbu takes the reader deep into the Peruvian jungle to accompany a researcher on her quest towards a boiling river to study the unique bacteria that live there.

Jaime Chambers

In "Ancient DNA reveals a Bronze Age bias for male horses," Chambers gives readers a glimpse into how and when ancient societies’ cultural ideals around gender influenced the animals they domesticated.

Adithi Ramakrishnan

In "Boosting Language Processing with Song," Ramakrishnan explores the science behind why you may still have Dory’s ‘Just Keep Swimming’ stuck in your head, while the steps of the Krebs Cycle have long since left your mind.