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We need more food, and we need it fast. But how do we continue to produce enough food for a burgeoning population and at the same time make sure we’re protecting Earth’s limited natural resources and using them wisely? Scientists and economists tackled that question Feb. 18 at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Vancouver.

Three sessions from our recent Flagstaff conference were caught on video and are now available for viewing on our conference reports page. They are: "Straight to the Source: Helping Scientists Speak Directly to the Press," "How to Sell That Story You Can't Let Go," and "Science News, Spot News, or Both? Managing and Covering Science Protests." Also available is an audio recording of "Writing about Science for Non-Science Publications."

Moderated by Czerne Reid, the session "Straight to the Source: Helping Scientists Speak Directly to the Press" was full of useful advice to PIOs. To me, the biggest message was delivered by Dennis Meredith, who said that scientists should get communication training rather than just media training, since "media is becoming one of the many outlets for scientists."