Pitch Publish Prosper: Online resources for The Science Writers' Handbook

The Science Writers' Handbook series emerged from a close-knit, online community of more than 30 science writers called SciLance. The group had spent years asking each other for advice and sharing the joys and frustrations of their science writing careers. By 2009, the group suspected that these insights and experiences could be the seeds of the book, which was fueled in part by one of NASW's first Peggy Girshman Idea Grants in 2011.

The Science Writers' Handbook was published in 2013, and for two years SciLancers also produced a blog — Pitch Publish Prosper — with nearly 300 posts. A collection of the 20 most popular posts is now archived here under four headings: Freelancing 101, Pitch, Publish, and Prosper. Members of the group have published two companion books: The Science Writers' Essay Handbook (2016) by Michelle Nijhuis and The Science Writers' Investigative Reporting Handbook (2018) by Liza Gross.

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Contact the Writers of SciLance at sciwrihandbook@gmail.com.

About SciLance

This portion of the ScienceWriters (www.NASW.org) website is home to Pitch Publish Prosper, the online resource for The Science Writers' Handbook and its companion books, The Science Writers' Essay Handbook and The Science Writers' Investigative Reporting Handbook.

Run by a professionally diverse group of 31 science writers, Pitch Publish Prosper offers timeless advice on a variety of topics relevant to new and practicing science writers — everything from career ennui to contract negotiations.

The Science Writers' Handbook and its spinoff titles were each supported by an NASW Peggy Girshman Idea Grant. We are happy for the opportunity to provide a place where the associated content of these books and the creativity that spawned them can continue to grow and reach new audiences.

Pitch Publish Prosper (sciwrihandbook@gmail.com) is editorially independent of the National Association of Science Writers. 

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